Malaya Camporedondo

Carmen Concha


ang pinagtagbo

Ang Panagtagbo sa Akong mga Apohan (2006)



The film is a glimpse of the history of an old religion called the Equifrilibricum World Religion, also known as the Moncadista. The filmmaker interviews her grandmother and the elder women members, shedding light to the once obscure religion and at the same time underscoring the mystery behind their faith. The elders recall their experiences, their practices, and personal struggle with the religion after their families migrated to Samal Island from different parts of the Philippines after World War II. The recorded narrative becomes a visual and oral history of the Moncadista members who were one of the first settlers in the island, which is situated in the Davao Gulf. The film develops into a personal act of understanding the filmmaker’s Moncadista ancestors and as well as discerning her own identity as a Filipina.




Cinemanila International Film Festival 2010 | Ishmael Bernal Award for Documentary

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