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Pam Reyes

Pamela L. Reyes


Get into the mind of this week’s young Featured FilmmakeHER, Pamela L. Reyes and see why things aren’t always what they seem. Be a guest in her coming-of-age short film, “Debut,” and let her award-wining work, “Ligaw”, leave you wanting more.

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Sari Estrada

Sari Estrada


Get in touch with your sense of wonder with this week’s Featured FilmmakeHER, Sari Estrada! You might want to feast your eyes on the wild and unconventional side of “Anatomiya ng Pag-ibig” or unleash your imagination with a humorous twist witn “Nasaan si Lolo Me”, but one thing’s for sure. She will make you believe in ideas that seem unbelievable.

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Hannah Espia


The featured “Mamang Pulis” is not Derek Ramsay, but a film by the third FilmmakeHER in HERstory to win a Gawad Urian Award as Best Director, Hannah Espia! Whether you want to take a “Transit” to foreign shores or immerse yourself in local festivities with “Ruweda”, you’ll definitely be left wanting more.

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Ice Idanan

Ice Idanan

Take a break from your regular programming and chill out with cinematographer-turned-director and this week’s featured FilmmakeHER, Ice Idanan! She made HERstory through her debut film “Sakaling Hindi Marating,” an award-winning independent road film, and her Kodak Award winning thesis film “Limang Libo.” From stories of heartbreaking consequences to liberating joy of wanderlust and adventure, Ice is truly a woman of heART through her honest yet blissful way of storytelling.

Ditsi Carolino

Ditsi Carolino

This week’s featured FilmmakeHER really puts the ART in HEART . Ditsi Carolino’s films about “Bunso” and life along the “Riles” are not just stories. They’re also advocacies for people that you can meet “Mula Pabrika Hanggang Fukuoka.” She has made HERstory with her courage to be the voice for the oppressed.

Sari and Kiri Dalena


Art flows naturally for this week’s featured filmmakeHERs. Not only do they share the same blood but also the same passion for their craft. Sari Dalena and Kiri Dalena chose to embark on a filmmaking journey, telling and re-telling historical to present hard-hitting truths. And there is no stopping them from making HERstory. Whether working together or apart, this dynamic duo is sure to continue bringing pride to Philippine Cinema.

GET TO KNOW MORE about them and WATCH their featured films here:
Sari Dalena: Asong Simbahan, White Funeral, Bullet Days
Kiri Dalena: Memorial for Filipino Journalists, Red Saga, Requiem for M, Tungkung Langit

Maligayang Buwan ng Kababaihan!

Stay tuned for our upcoming featured FilmmakeHERs and their films only here at Pelikulove.

Babyruth Villarama-Gutierrez

Baby Ruth Villarama

This week, we put the spotlight on a FilmmakeHER who’s been putting the spotlight on others, a Beauty Queen in her own right. Known for her documentary films, Jazz in Love, A Letter from Ifugao, Burden of Gold, and the 2016 MMFF Best Picture, Sunday Beauty Queen, Baby Ruth Villarama has been making waves giving life to stories that might otherwise be left untold. Truly, she puts the “we” in women. Get to know her and WATCH her works: A Letter from Ifugao and Burden of Gold here.
Isang pagpupugay sa iyo, Baby Ruth, at sa lahat ng FilmmakeHERs nating patuloy na ginagamit ang kanilang lente para ibahagi ang kwento ng iba, sa atin at sa buong mundo!

Maligayang Buwan ng Kababaihan!

Stay tuned for our upcoming featured FilmmakeHERs and their films only here at Pelikulove.

Sigrid Andrea Bernardo

Sigrid Andrea Bernardo

In a world and industry where women, no matter how big or Little they may be, continue to struggle and fight for equal rights, may mga natatanging Babae na ipinakita ang tapang, husay at senSHEbilities nila lalo na sa larangan ng paggawa ng pelikula. Mula iilan, naging maramihan. Tunay ngang hindi pa ito ang Huling Cha-Cha ni Anita, kung hindi ang simula ng mas mahaba pang sayaw sa mundo at perspektiba ni Eba.

Handog ng Pelikulove ang mga natatanging filmmakeHERs na ito na humubog at patuloy na humuhubog sa industriya ng pelikula.

Bilang panimula, isang pagpupugay sa isa sa mga natatanging filmmakeHERs ngayon na hindi na naghintay pa sa bulong ng iba. Sa halip, ay buong tapang na ipinarinig ang kanyang kaka-EBAng tinig sa Pilipinas at sa buong mundo.

Ikinagagalak naming ipakilala ang aming unang featured filmmakeHER, si Sigrid Andrea P. Bernardo.

Nawa’y maging SHEgrid tayo sa panahong puno ng Bernardo.

Maligayang Buwan ng Kababaihan!

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